YouTube Demonetizing My Account :-(

For those of you who like reading here’s my perspective… for those of you who prefer to watch a video check out the video above.

So I received this email, overall summation is in business terms: our advertisers are pissed they are not getting enough ROI (return on investment bare with my acronyms) so we want to ensure users with large accounts (equivalent to TV shows or possibly even more engagement than TV shows) can sustain a living off ads. So screw these tiny accounts with no subscribers because they are most definitely spammers, impersonators or just plain bad at acting… wow… here is a link to YouTube’s post:

In the second paragraph this is stated verbatim: “spammers, impersonators, and other bad actors can’t hurt our ecosystem or take advantage of you” not sure who’s watching my videos, probably my fiance and my mom, but I am definitely not a spammer or an impersonator. I don’t really act on my channel. I present opinions and show how to videos/do it yourself videos… writers of the press release: Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer and Robert Kyncl, Chief Business Officer should really watch the language used in these.

I’m not going to complain much about the situation. I understand YouTube is a business and they believe cutting out a lot of the watchers and creators of their content shouldn’t be compensated for hard work is outrageous. I’ve spent hours on end filming, researching, developing thoughts and editing videos. More time than I’d really like to get into since if you haven’t seen my video I’ve made a total of around $700 for 160 videos which ends up being around $4.38 per video. Not only that, but to gain viewership I’ve tapped into paid advertising so it probably just ends up being negligible to an amount where I’ve invested all my time and money into camera equipments, audio equipments and more. I’ve spent countless hours emailing car manufacturers to review cars, but come February 20th, 2018 without an additional 509 subscribers which is more than I currently have all the videos recorded all the hours spent thinking and creating is all for nothing. Well, not for nothing for no monetary return.

My channel has been running for about 4 years now. I’ve started to upload weekly videos fairly recently which is why I’ve seen a jump in subscribers and watch time. To say I wouldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for the money… fairly easy to say. I enjoy making videos. One day I will have 1,000 subscribers whether that reinstates monetization on my channel is another question, but I will still create more videos. It may be less of a priority now since there is really no incentive other than spending my nights typing these words or cutting, cropping or editing transitions, but I will still create content. Clearly financially it’s always just been a hobby just like cars and track days. I do them because I enjoy it, not necessarily because I can make content from my experiences.

I like to record to make memories and share them with everyone. I will always do this whether or not I make money from it. Rant over YouTube do your thing, but realize what a lot of content creators are. People who are good, who like to make content to share with others who have the same interests whether that’s games, cars, tools, etc. Just know you are sending a clear message that these users who actually aren’t spammers, impersonators or bad actors still are being demonetized and it sends a message you actually aren’t doing your due diligence of your users. You don’t care for your users. You care about money, $$$ to a community who has thrived on being honest, good people. Well, I’m done with this rant.

YouTube Demonetized Email