2017 San Francisco Autoshow

So $10 for the San Francisco Autoshow. It was my birthday weekend and a good deal. My fiance and I went to the autoshow and checked out a few cars. I saw mostly the Audi RS3 as well as the Honda Civic Type R. It’s a pretty large location for the event and very close to the end of the year so nothing new comes to this show. The show includes two floors with test driving Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and in the lineup included the KIA EV Soul as well as a on the more expensive side including the 718 Porsche as well as the Jaguar F Pace.

Talking more about what we took a look at there were some Mclarens when we first entered and my fiance and I sat in a Subaru WRX and were not really fans of the interior, but I love that WRX blue. The second car we sat in was the 6th generation Camaro which was the first I’ve sat in. It was a 1SS package so not a 1LE, 2SS, ZL1 or ZL1 1LE, fairly basic and general impressions of the interior are cramped like every other car magazine or YouTube video you have seen and looking at the dollar to performance value you definitely get a lot in the car. I suppose we’ll have to wait until I get a chance to test drive and do a comprehensive review on one. The overall interior quality is just meh, but I suppose it’s to be expected in a “muscle” car. Although these “muscle” cars are starting to compete with the likes of the German rivals. The interior quality and overall refinement definitely is getting really close to the German rivals, but not quite on par. It will definitely be interesting to see what GM comes up with in 2018 after a solid 2017 showing.

Moving on I had a minor bone to pick with Hyundai and their deliberate SONATA on the rump. Just keep the small badge like you had on all the previous models!!!

In other news I took a pretty deep look into the exterior as well as the interior of the Honda Civic Type R. Since I’m a bit over the top I do like the exterior with all the scoops, functional aerodynamics and boy racerish looks. The interior actually isn’t too bad at all and I like that it’s a hatch. The seats are super comfortable with super deep thigh bolsters! I like the 20 inch wheels, but don’t like how rough that would be versus the 18 inch standard wheels in most other hot hatchbacks. I’m not sure how much it would cost to replace one of the LED bulbs in the headlight housing, but they look neat and I like to see that tech in a 2017 vehicle. Looks aside it has been proven to be faster around the track than a lot of the competitors. It is also lighter and the clutch and gearbox are very engaging. I haven’t driven this car, but if the car Gods would allow me to I would be honored! My one bone to pick with this car without a proper drive is the rear seats… instead of seating 5 the Type R seats only 4 because it places cup holders in the middle seat similarly to the Hyundai Veloster… FOR SHAME!!! This would be my one complaint as well as why not rear slotted discs? They are solid discs in the rear which is kind of odd to me for a track focused car.
honda civic type r
The next car up is the Audi RS3… $55k… vs an S3 $44k vs a $40k Golf R and Civic Type R $35k honestly the materials in the interior match up with the Golf R and I’d much rather modify the Golf R and get 400 WHP vs 400 crank HP. I really hate the I’m buying this car because of the badge. I haven’t driven the Golf R or RS3 specifically, but I can’t imagine the A3 platform to be much better than the Golf or the Civic platform. I think the Civic Type R might be right on par on a track with an RS3, but maybe I’m wrong. Either way a Golf R can easily outmatch the $40k Golf R with an additional $15k! Also, doing a little more research the RS3 only comes with a DSG so I would prefer either the Golf R or Civic Type R. More so the Golf R so I can slightly modify the Golf R and make it a badass daily driver (GTR killer).

audi rs3
Next up are the Mazda MX-5 with the soft top and the RF retractable fastback I believe is what the RF stands for. I’m a fan of the exterior of the new MX-5 and the shifter and clutch are really great and trunk room is just alright. I do like the soft top better than the RF externally as well as the ease of use and quick up and down. I also think the exterior of the soft top just looks a bit better. I’m not the biggest fan of the interior… I think I would rather have a GT86 so I wouldn’t have to worry about leaks within the car or the weather outside and I guess we’ll have to wait again for a review of the “new” MX-5.

Finally, we ended up in a Nissan Murano. The fiance liked the exterior so I told her to have a sit. The driver and passenger seats were great nice and comfortable. I believe our main complaints were that she thought the car was a little large and she the steering wheel buttons got her confused. Just shows that more is not always better for some people. The Murano is a bit large compared to the older model and the Rogue has taken the space of the old Murano. So something like the Q3, older model of the Tiguan, Macan, Escape, CR-V, Rav4, Tuscon, Niro, Sportage or CX-5, etc. would be more her size.

Overall, the autoshow was a great value, fun although not super flashy like the LA, Detroit, Frankfurt, Geneva, Tokyo or Chicago. There were definitely a lot less people at this autoshow mainly because there were no new vehicles being debuted here.

If you are in town I think it’s worth a look see, but definitely wouldn’t recommend traveling a long distance unless an automaker planned to debut a specific vehicle you were interested in.