2017 BMW M2

2017 BMW M2 with the DCT transmission. Overall the car looks and feels great within the interior. I did not really notice the off center seat, but I believe having a go driving the car for a few days would allow me to see this.

Exterior: lovely in my opinion probably the best looking BMW yes, I mean best looking in 2017's line up. The blue color is excellent I like this a lot better than the baby blue the M3 comes in. Also, the dimensions, front splitter and carbon accents all around the outside with the decklid spoiler. Just great cues. It's the right size in my opinion.

Interior: not exactly the best quality I believe rattles within the interior are definitely bound to happen especially with the vibration of that torquey 3 liter inline 6 cylinder twinscroll turbrocharger. Everything makes sense and looks good. The softer plastics and alcantara run throughout the front seats and rear seats. It also has a pretty likeable size rear seat and trunk space.

Definitely have to have a go in one of these in which I will do a full review on possibly the best M product produced in 2017 (minus auto rev matching...)